A Shattering System

We live in the most systematized society in the history of the world. Everything we do processes us: how we move through space (streets, hallways, sidewalks, trails), how we spend our time (traffic, entrance lines, checkout lines, waiting rooms), and how we interact (apps, devices, emails, forms). We interface, touch base, connect, check-in, and reach-out.

What do we do that isn’t dehumanizing?

Contemporary society serves the structures that constitute the society rather than serving the population whose actions give society meaning. Commercialism is partly to blame, obviously, but that’s not the whole story. 

We’ve sacrificed our humanity for the possibility of security and the promise of convenience. We follow trails to avoid the dangers inherent in nature, follow traffic signals for the convenience of swift travel, and navigate hallways and sidewalks for the safety and comfort of an ordered existence. We fill out our forms, use our apps and devices, and wait in lines to expedite desired outcomes.

We’re outcome driven, but life is a process. If we don’t consider the process, we’re the ones processed.

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