Indy Perro: Writer, Independent Thinker, and Recovering Academic

My Origins

My journey began in a city where, when I wanted to be alone, I went to a public place. I took refuge in the gym and the library. The gym taught me self-discipline. The library taught me that humans are at our best when we pose questions and explore our assumptions, perceptions, and inclinations.

  • Why do we think what we think?
  • Why do we do what we do?
  • What do we truly want?
  • What are our best values?
  • How do we create meaning?

These questions and many others appeal to me because my life required that I find ways to support myself. When I was fifteen, I was forced to leave home. I bounced through three different high schools and learned how to get into and out of trouble. At nineteen, I dropped out of a college I couldn’t afford and lived briefly out of my car. I spent a year and a half saving money, changing course, escaping influences, and hiking in the mountains, learning to find my way. My future wife encouraged me to return to school. To pay my tuition and bills, I waited tables, worked a paper route, and clerked in a bookstore, often sleeping in two- and three-hour shifts. I loved this period of my life but don’t feel the need to do it again. I graduated in three years with highest honors and was accepted into graduate school.

In graduate school, I continued to work in the evenings, on weekends, and during the summers. I studied several languages and earned graduate degrees in religious studies, comparative literature, and education. For twelve years, I taught writing, philosophy, and literature at a few different colleges while working as a freelance editor and translator, and I taught two years of high school English.

I learned to find my own answers, to hold myself accountable, and to pick myself up when I fell. 

Writing means making contemplation an adventure.

My Writing Life

I love to write. I published my first story in high school and won my first writing contest when I was twenty. Notebooks have been my constant companions, and over the years I’ve published articles, scholarly essays, and a few short stories. Central City is my first novel, and in 2021 I plan to publish its sequel Journeyman and a stand-alone novel set in Central City.

My path to becoming a writer has been an adventure that fuels my work, and I hope to share that work and adventure with you.

Contact me

Please feel free to reach out. I love talking to readers and writers, meeting with writing groups, reading groups, and university clubs to discuss writing, literature, philosophy, and publishing. Connect with me if you would like me to visit your group or just want to say hello.