Indy Perro: Writer, Independent Thinker, and Recovering Academic

Indy's Origins

Forced to leave home at fifteen, to drop out of college at nineteen, and to live briefly out of his car, Indy Perro came of age amid the short hairs that grow on the underbelly of everyday life.


A waiter, cook, janitor, bartender, pawn broker, delivery man, bookseller, linguist, educator, and academic, Indy lived a full life before turning his hand to writing the kind of hardboiled, humorous, and adventure filled fiction he loves to read.


Fascinated by the people who live, love, labour, and die in the world of his youth, Indy created Central City – a Midwestern metropolis always on the edge where bad tilts to worse. Central City is the home of ex-con Kane Kulpa and Detective Vincent Bayonne, the officer who put him away. These two unlikely friends form an uneasy alliance to solve the brutal crimes that threaten the streets of this dangerous and damaged town.


The first Kulpa and Bayonne Mystery, Central City, was described by Kirkus as a ‘somber, moody, and absorbing mystery-thriller.’ The second book, Journeyman, is also out now, and Near Enemies, the third, will be published in 2024.


Indy lives with his partner and an energetic Border Collie in the mountains, where he enjoys long hikes and chilly evenings reading by the fire.

Writing means making contemplation an adventure.

My path to becoming a writer has been an adventure that fuels my work, and I hope to share that work and adventure with you.


Please feel free to reach out. Indy loves talking to readers and writers. Whether you want to discuss writing, literature, philosophy, publishing, Central City, or whatever you’re reading this week, Indy is always happy to connect. He’s open to visiting a writing group, reading group, university club, or simply exchanging an email or two. Writing can be a lonely craft, but a feeling of community can feed our sense of purpose.

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