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Literary Titan: Indy Perro – Author Interview

Your book Central City is a noir mystery with a gangster helping a detective solve a case after a gang war erupts in this fictional Midwestern city. In the past, the detective put this gangster in prison. Yet they work together to stop a serial killer. It’s a unique match-up. Where did the idea for these characters come from? 

I wanted to blur the lines between good and evil, kind and corrupt. Developing two protagonists with different goals, I was able to come at the core ideas…

Punk Noir Magazine: John Wisniewski interviews Indy Perro

When did you begin writing, Indy?

I’ve been writing as long as I can remember. I spent most of my youth either in the gym or the library, and during the cold, Midwestern winters of my youth, the library had longer hours than the gym. 

Any favorite crime/noir authors? 

Nosh With Chef Julie: Indy Perro and His Novel Central City

What inspires your writing?

I’m inspired by philosophy, particularly phenomenology, epistemology, and philology. I like word games and wordplay. I also like to tease ideas apart to see how they work. Fiction, to me, is a testing ground for ideas, and through writing, I can

The New Panic Room Episode 221

Join James and Xtina on the Panic Room Radio Show as they talk with novelist Indy Perro and horror, thriller, and science fiction author David Clark. Don’t miss the fun and shenanigans!

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