Central city

Exploring Civilization’s Smallest Unit

Within a city, everywhere we turn we encounter difference: neighborhoods, ethnicities, socio-economic classes, ideologies, desires, drives, and approaches. These differences make culture possible and provide the possibility for depth. At times, the vastness of difference may appear chaotic, but in the multitude, we find the birth of order.  A city’s size manifests the dynamics necessary […]

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Noir and Chaos

Civilization, at some level, is always a lie. Or, perhaps, civilization is always a promise unfulfilled. When we talk about being civilized, we evoke ideas of manners, propriety, and community. Civilized people know how to get along with one another, and they know the implications of certain actions, references, comments, and mannerisms. The civilized share

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Indy Perro Speaking of Non-Sequiturs

Central City as Metaphor

Metaphor, arguably, is the basic ingredient of culture. Metaphor rationalizes reality by defining it through abstraction, and through abstraction deepens experience and shapes understanding. Abstraction requires engaged perception. Hearing a metaphor is like breathing through your nose: you can’t help but smell the air. To have a living culture, we must actively negotiate the differences

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