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Storme Reads A Lot

“This book hooked me from the start. Anything crime related is my thing, and this crime noir is so enjoyable. The start of the book sets up the whole story, and it is done so well. I could not believe how well it all came together and how amazing the writing was. I was speeding through pages to see what was going to unfold next. It is that good, truly. This means this book is amazing, and everyone should read it.

The characters are also well done, and often made me think about who I was. This book will make you wonder about the world and what crime means. at least, that is what I took away from the book. Truly, one of the most awesome crime novels I have ever read. I enjoyed this a lot, and I hope there will be more of these books.”

Henry Roi on Goodreads

“The plot is satisfying and draws the reader on, but it’s almost secondary to the characterization”.

JR Martin on Goodreads

“The relationship with the opening scene is worked out slowly as the plot unwinds and really is the key to the mystery. I realised at the end that the clues as to the murderer were there all along – as well as the answer to some other mysteries that ended up with some great reveals. But nothing is what you expect and you don’t see what’s coming until suddenly you get it. I’ll probably read the book again some time, just to enjoy all the clues.”

Alicia Feasts on Books

“Personally I started in the morning and read all the way till bedtime and it felt like a day well spent.  The reveal at the end is terrific.  I hadn’t guessed it – the killer actually WAS the last person I expected.  Good book. Worth the read.”

Carly Rheilan on Goodreads

“This dark reality hovers all the time in the background of this novel and gives it great emotional depth. Yet it’s not in any way a “heavy” read – it’s beautifully written, engages the imagination, has terrific characters, carries the reader with gentle hold. It has a clear moral compass but it doesn’t moralise. I really loved it, from beginning to end.”

The Bibliomaniac

“Overall I really enjoyed it and would 100% recommend!”


‘”I love a book that can grab your attention straight away and this book did just that!”

Hard Hat Book Site

“There were three dimensional women, too – and this is a genre where these are hard to find. Perro draws his characters deftly, a single line or image capturing a life in all its depth of complexity.”

Isobel Blackthorn

“Perro makes real people out of all of these players, and as the central narrative touches each of them, it is always clear that they have their reasons for the choices that they make, the roles that they take.”


“The moment I started this book I was hooked, the first chapter [prologue] is so damn good and you’re diving right into the story and just want to keep on reading it.”

Marking da Page

“The first thought that crossed my mind while delving into the world of Central City is that it would be a rockin’ tv movie or mini series.”

Open My Pages

“I truly found the character story even more compelling than the details around the series of murders. It was interesting to see how the people you think are the good guys are not always, and the people you think are the bad guys are not as quite bad as they appear. There are several big reveals throughout with lots of little clues along the way that help you figure out the case.”

Reviews at Dark Elements

“Indy Perro’s writing style is taut and engaging, reminiscent of Raymond Chandler or Robert Ludlum, but has a freshness that is all his own. The characters are strong, multi-dimensional, and painfully human, and the reader will more than once wince right along side them as their gritty world swallows them, grinds them up, and spits them back out again.”

Tea, Books and Biscuits

“Never before have I found the ‘bad guy’ so likeable – I feel his life is the perfect example of the impact nurture can have on the paths our lives take.”

The Dark Side from the Inside

“I love the way this book looks at everyone with the same eyes, the same respect. I especially liked the way it dealt with the girls and women in the brothels and on the streets – they were real people, not just female bodies with lipstick, and it treated them with respect – people doing a dangerous job for difficult reasons.”

Those Who Wander Book Club

“The novel starts with an incredible fast pace that does not let up, yet Perro still manages to keep the tension running throughout the story.”

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